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Dissertation Ideas For Criminal Justice

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Dissertation Topics In Criminal Justice: 20 Interesting Suggestions

Writing a dissertation on criminal justice is a very trick thing especially when you don’t know what to write about, however when you can see the top quality examples it can make it easier to know what you want to write about. Soon you will know that completing a paper is very easy and fast when you know what you are doing. You just need to be strong minded, otherwise you will be in for a difficult time. So continue reading to find out what the best tip and tricks are. With that thought in mind here are 20 interesting dissertation topic suggestions on criminal justice.

  1. What is criminology?
  2. What are the different crimes out there?
  3. Is the criminal justice system working?
  4. How can we make crime rates fall to an all-time low?
  5. Who can we change the justice system to be better?
  6. Why do people commit crimes?
  7. How does crime affect the country?
  8. The psychology of a serial killer
  9. Religion and crime what do they have in common?
  10. How to stop youth gangs
  11. Should we have a bigger budget in training for police officers?
  12. Should we make it mandatory for everyone to have drug tests?
  13. How can we prevent organized crime?
  14. Why is hacking considered a very big crime?
  15. How can we prevent school shootings from happening?
  16. What are the benefits of the justice system?
  17. What are the down sides of the justice system?
  18. Why do people still commit hate crimes?
  19. Has there ever been a time where there was no crime?
  20. Should the electric chair be legalized if so why?

There are a lot more titles out there, which you can use to think of a title for yourself. Try to think of something that you are passionate about, because you are sure to have an easier time writing about the project. Of course you can pick an easy title and just do the work, which is not such a bad thing to do. Also, you can pick something that you already know about as this way you won’t have to use as much time, since there won’t be as much research needed.

Criminal Justice Dissertation Ideas: 15 New Topics

Unlike the years past, there has been considerable increase in the number of students who are interested in studying criminal justice. This fact is evident in both graduate and undergraduate levels of education. So, if you are getting ready to write your dissertation on criminal justice and yet to select an interesting and informative topic for your paper, here are a few ideas to help you get started right away. They are as follows:

  • A detailed comparison of domestic homicide between high density and low density states in the US
  • The necessity of creating stricter background checks on military personnel as regards domestic violence
  • Legal court system: Are domestic violence cases being rightly handled?
  • Capital sentencing – Addressing the issue of racial disparities
  • Criminal Justice System – A view of the system through the eyes of a survivor victim
  • Potential sex offenders – How GPS monitoring can reduce such criminal acts
  • Media Outlets – Their impact on criminal behaviour
  • Capital punishment – Analyzing its effect on ethnic minorities
  • Crime-based TV shows – Its effect on the society
  • Juvenile Violence – How much can educational programs do in curbing the menace?
  • Elder abuse – What punishment would be appropriate for offenders?
  • Decreasing the risk of elder abuse – Using tougher punishments as deterrents
  • Punishment versus Protection – Which should be embraced in curbing domestic violence?
  • Privacy Rights – Is electronic monitoring an infringement of this right?
  • When should a criminal’s right of privacy be taken away? A detailed analysis of case studies

These are just fifteen topics that students can elaborate on for their criminal justice dissertation papers. Before you finally settle for a given topic, it is important you first determine that there would be enough information to help you in writing convincingly on the chosen topic. It is also important that the topic you choose to work on is the one that interests you. If you have previous knowledge on the chosen topic, it even makes it less time consuming since you don’t need to carry out extensive researches before you can start the actual writing.

If none of the topics listed here interest you that much, then you can search further through your previous academic papers, notebooks, textbooks, and even the internet. You can also check this to get better ideas on how you can come up with a topic for your paper and write same with minimal stress.

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