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Bibliography Texmaker Windows 7

Here's a step-by-step example of how to create a document with a bibliography using TeXMaker.

Create a bib file

Using the Bibliography menu, enter your bibliography entries. Save these as (Here I've chosen the name ).

Here is a sample screen shot:

The first element of any bib file entry is the citekey. This must be unique for each entry in the file. I use keys based on the authors and the year of publication, but this scheme is up to you.

The "optional" fields in the entry are fields that basically won't cause any errors if they are missing. Many of them are required for proper bibliographic referencing, though, for example, the volume and pages are almost always required. You should put as much information as you have in a entry.

Create a LaTeX document

Next, create a LaTeX document which uses commands that refer to the citekeys in your file.

The document class is not designed to support a bibliography, so I would suggest using the class instead. Here's a simple example:

The code of the document can be found here:

Now you need to run on this document, then , then two more times. The final result should be:

Originally Posted by nirmana

Thank you, Virsto...
I was able to get the bib to work after all. My error was in the fact I was trying to do an F11 on the .bib file itself. Previously, I was using Miktex and this gesture was required... upon recently switching to Texlive, I have just learned this is not necessary. Following your recommendations all works fine.

The issue still remains how to place the .bib file in a different location and have Texmaker find it. I am also running texmaker 1.9.9 with texlive 2009 and ubuntu 10.04. I have tried a few suggestions, which apparently worked on older versions, but I cannot get it to work here... such as:
not sure what I am doing wrong...

Still searching...

Thanks again.

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