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Tutor-Homework.Com Statistics Tables

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Basic Math Links, Tools, Games, & Worksheets

Worksheets and flashcards:

Online worksheets from counting to decimals:

Online program that makes printable worksheets (with or without answers):

This one has some worksheets with time and money:

One of the best websites for basic and elementary math!:

and their worksheets: www.mathsisfun.com/worksheets

Math flashcards:

Timed math game for improving memory for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division (no nonsense, basic math):

many links to math games: classroom.jc-schools.net/basic/mathasmd.html

Silly games with math themes: www.sheppardsoftware.com/math.htm

More Math Games:

Geometry Links, Games, Worksheets, & Tutorials

Geometry Conjectures

Geometry Postulates

Logic Links, Games, Worksheets, & Tutorials

Good explanation of truth tables:

Logic, set theory, and Boolean algebra with practice problems: www.rwc.uc.edu/koehler/comath/toc.html

Geometry and logic worksheets (with answers): www.edhelper.com/geometry_highschool.htm

Symbolic logic definitions and practice problems: www.mathgoodies.com/lessons/toc_vol9.html

Logic and math handouts (definitions): faculty.kutztown.edu/mcloughl/017handoutstests.html

Algebra Links, Games, Worksheets, & Tutorials

Quadratic Equation solver:
Quadratic Equation Solver

Here's a really fast online equation grapher with zoom capabilities.

Here's a list of online algebra videos.

Excel Graphing Utility (Only works with Excel 2003 or earlier):

Trigonometry Links, Games, Worksheets, & Tutorials
Exact Trigonometric Values of Special Angles

Statistics Links, Games, Worksheets, & Tutorials

Calculus Links, Games, Worksheets, & Tutorials

Derivative Calculator: An excellent new calculus tool by David Scherfgen. It can calculate the derivative of just about any one variable function f(x).

Online Calculus Book With Video Lectures

Online Integral Solver

Differential Equations Links, Worksheets, & Tutorials

Higher Math Links, Worksheets, & Tutorials

Here's are some great Physics, Math, & Astronomy Applets by Walter Fendt
Some of these are very useful, especially the physics projectile motion applet.
Physics Applets, Math Applets, Astronomy Applets

Many previously done problems as study aids:
Homework Answers for Sale

Here is a Homeschool resource for math students:

Converts from inches to centimeters, and THOUSANDS of other units.

Live homework help and tutors.

This webpage is here to provide you with helpful tools & guides to help you with your homework and studies in math, chemistry, & physics.
If you have any homework help material, cheat sheets, study guides, etc. for math, chemistry or physics that you would like to donate, please email them to me: admin@ tutor-homework.com (remove space after @).

For answers to YOUR homework questions, email your questions to:
admin@ tutor-homework.com (remove space after @)

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Chemistry notes - Chemistry Exams - Chemistry Quizzes - Chemistry Cheat Sheets

Physics notes - Physics Exams - Physics Quizzes - Physics Cheat Sheets

Math notes - Math Exams - Math Quizzes - Math Cheat Sheets

Homework Answers for Sale:
Homework Answers

Here's an entire online calculus book including video lectures:
Online Calculus Book w/ Video Lecture

Chemistry homework help & notes

Intro to Chemistry - Principles of Chemistry by Nivaldo Tro

SI Units: SI_Base_Units_of_Measurement.doc
Significant Figures: Significant_Figures_in_Measurements.doc
Scientific Method: scientific_method_tro_example.ppt
Chemical Formula & Name Flowchart: formula_name_writing_flowsheet.doc
Balancing chemical reactions handout: BalChemRxn_handout.doc
Molecular Weight & Stoichiometry: Guide_to_Molecular_Weight_Stoichiometry.doc
Chap 1 notes: CH01_Tro_LectureNotes.doc
Chap 1 Learning Goals: ch01Learn_Objectives.doc
Chap 1 Review: chapter_01_tro_rev.ppt
Chap 2 notes A: CH02_Tro_LectureNotes_Pt1_Measurements.doc
Chap 2 Review A: chapter_02_tro_rev_1.ppt
Chap 2 notes B: CH02_Tro_LectureNotes_Pt2_ProbSolv.doc Chap 2 Review B: chapter_02_tro_rev_2.ppt
Chap 2 Learning Goals: ch02Learn_Objectives.doc
Chap 3 notes: CH03_Tro_LectureNotes.doc
Chap 3 Learning Goals: ch03Learn_Objectives.doc
Chap 3 Review: chapter_03_tro_rev.ppt
Chap 4 notes: CH04_Tro_LectureNotes_081.doc
Chap 4 Learning Goals: ch04Learn_Objectives_081.doc
Chap 4 Review: chapter_04_tro_rev.ppt
Chap 5 notes: CH05_Tro_LectureNotes.doc
Chap 5 Learning Goals: CH05_Tro_LrnObj.doc
Chap 5 Review: chapter_05_tro_rev.ppt
Chap 6,7,8 Notes: CH06_CH07_CH08_Lecture_Notes.doc
Chap 6,7,8 Learning Goals: CH06_CH07_CH08_Learning_Objectives.doc
Chap 9 Notes: CH09_Tro_LectureNotes.doc
Chap 9 Learning Goals: ch09Learn_Objectives.doc
Chap 9 Review: chapter_09_tro_rev_1.ppt
Chap 10 Notes: CH10_Tro_LectureNotes_1.doc
Chap 10 Learning Goals: CH10_Tro_LrnObj.doc
Chap 10 Review: chapter_10_tro_rev.ppt

Chemistry I notes:

Chemistry Notes 1, Properties of Matter, Units, Measurement
Chemistry Notes 2, Atoms, Molecules, & Ions
Chemistry Notes 3, Mass Relationships (Stoichiometry)
Chemistry Notes 4, Reaction in Aqueous Solution
Chemistry Notes 4-B, (continued from above)
Chemistry Notes 5, Thermochemistry
Chemistry Notes 6, Quantum Theory & Electronic Structure
Chemistry Notes 7, Periodic Relationships
Chemistry Notes 8, Chemical Bonding
Chemistry Notes 9, More Chemical Bonding!
Chemistry Notes 10, Gas Laws

Chemistry II Homework Help & Notes:

Chemistry Notes 11A, Intermolecular Forces - Liquids & Solids
Chemistry Notes 11B, (continued from above)
Chemistry Notes 14, Chemical Kinetics
Chemistry Notes 15, Chemical Equilibrium
Chemistry Notes 16, Acids & Bases
Chemistry Notes 17a, Buffers
Chemistry Notes 17b, Solubility
Chemistry Notes 19, Chemical Thermodynamics
Chemistry Notes 20, Electrochemistry
Chemistry Notes 24, Coordination Chemistry

Chemsitry Exams

Chemistry I Exams - with answers!

Chemistry 1 Exam 1 (with answers) (MS Word)

Chemistry 1 Exam 1a
Chemistry 1 Exam 1a Answer Key

Chemistry 1 Practice Exam 1 (MS Word)
Chemistry 1 Practice Exam 1 (answer key) (MS Word)

Chemistry 1 Practice Exam 2 (MS Word)
Chemistry 1 Practice Exam 2 (answer key) (MS Word)

Chemistry 1 Practice Exam 3 (MS Word)
Chemistry 1 Practice Exam 3 (answer key) (MS Word)

Chemistry 1 Practice Final Exam (MS Word)
Chemistry 1 Practice Final Exam (answer key) (MS Word)

Chemistry II Exams - with answers!

Acid / Base Titration

Solubility & Precipitation

Intro Ogranic & Chem Kinetics

Chem 2 Exam 1
Chem 2 Exam 1 Answer Key

Chem 2 Exam 2
Chem 2 Exam 2 Answer Key

Chem 2 Exam 3
Chem 2 Exam 3 Answer Key

Chem 2 Exam 4
Chem 2 Exam 4 Answer Key

Chem 2 Exam 5
Chem 2 Exam 5 Answer Key

Chem 2 Final Exam
Chem 2 Final Exam Answer Key

Chemsitry Quizzes
Coming soon

Chemsitry Cheat Sheets
Coming soon

Physics Notes
Coming soon

Physics Exams
Coming soon

Physics Quizzes
Coming soon

Physics Cheat Sheets
Coming soon

Math Notes

College Algebra Notes, Quizzes, & Exams

Mathematical Relations: M1L2notes.pdf M1L2quiz.pdf

Graphs of Relations: m1l2notes.pdf m1l2quiz.pdf

Domain & Range: m1l3notes.pdf m1l3quiz.pdf

Functions as Special Relations: m1l4notes.pdf m1l4quiz.pdf

Transformations of Graphs (horizontal and vertical translation): m1l5notes.pdf m1l5quiz.pdf

"One-to-One� Functions: m1l6notes.pdf m1l6quiz.pdf

Operations on Functions: m1l7notes.pdf m1l7quiz.pdf

More "One-to-One�: m1l8notes.pdf m1l8quiz.pdf

Inverse Relations & Inverse Functions: m1l9notes.pdf m1l9quiz.pdf

Polynomial Functions: m2l1notes1.pdf m2l1quiz.pdf

Zeros of Polynomial Functions: m2l2notes1.pdf m2l2quiz.pdf

Finding Polynomial Functions: m2l3notes1.pdf m2l3quiz.pdf

More Zeros of Polynomials: m2l4notes1.pdf m2l4quiz.pdf

Graphs of Polynomial Functions: m2l5notes1.pdf m2l5quiz.pdf

Rational Zeros of Polynomial Functions: m2l6notes1.pdf

Irrational Zeros of Polynomial Functions: m2l7notes1.pdf m2l7quiz.pdf

Rational Expressions: m3l1notes1.pdf m3l1quiz.pdf

Solving Rational Equations: m3l2notes1.pdf m3l2quiz.pdf

Graphs of Rational Functions: m3l3notes1.pdf m3l3quiz.pdf

Rational Functions: m3l4notes1.pdf m3l4quiz.pdf

Exponents: m4l1notes1.pdf m4l1quiz.pdf

Exponential Functions: m4l2notes1.pdf m4l2quiz.pdf

Logarithmic Functions: m4l3notes1.pdf m4l3quiz.pdf

Properties of Logarithms: m4l4notes1.pdf m4l4quiz.pdf

Applications of Exponential & Logarithmic Expressions: m4l5notes1.pdf

Linear Equations & Their Solution Sets: m5l1notes.pdf m5l1quiz.pdf

Systems of Linear Equations & Their Solution Sets: m5l2notes.pdf m5l2quiz.pdf

Matrices & Systems of Linear Equations: m5l3notes.pdf m5l3quiz.pdf

The Back-Substitution Method: m5l4notes.pdf m5l4quiz.pdf

Solving Systems of Linear Equations by the Elimination Method: m5l5notes.pdf m5l5quiz.pdf

Solving Linear Systems Using Determinants: m5l6notes.pdf m5l6quiz.pdf

Sequences: m6l1notes.pdf

Arithmetic Sequences: m6l2notes.pdf m6l2quiz.pdf

Geometric Sequences: m6l3notes1.pdf m6l3quiz.pdf

Applications of Sequences: m6l4notes1.pdf m6l4quiz.pdf

The Binomial Theorem: m6l5notes1.pdf m6l5quiz.pdf

Combinations & Permutations: m6l6notes1.pdf m6l6quiz.pdf

Probability: m6l7notes1.pdf m6l7quiz.pdf

Practice Midterm Exam: practice1314mt.pdf

Practice Final Exam: practice1314fe.pdf

Math Exams
Calculus I Practice Exams with Solutions.

Calculus I Practice Exam 1 (from different semesters):

REVIEW: Calculus Exam 1 Review
Semester 1:
Calculus Practice Exam 1-A, Calculus Exam 1-A Solutions
Semester 2:
Calculus Practice Exam 1-B, Calculus Exam 1-B Solutions
Semester 3:
Calculus Practice Exam 1-C, Calculus Exam 1-C Solutions
Semester 4:
Calculus Practice Exam 1-D, Calculus Exam 1-D Solutions

Calculus I Practice Exam 2 (from different semesters):

REVIEW: Calculus Exam 2 Review
Semester 1:
Calculus Practice Exam 2-A, Calculus Exam 2-A Solutions
Semester 2:
Calculus Practice Exam 2-B, Calculus Exam 2-B Solutions
Semester 3:
Calculus Practice Exam 2-C, Calculus Exam 2-C Solutions

Calculus I Practice Final Exam (from different semesters):

REVIEW (all semesters): Calculus Final Exam Review
Semester 1:
Calculus Practice Final Exam A, Calculus Final Exam A Solutions
Semester 2:
Calculus Practice Final Exam B, Calculus Final Exam B Solutions
Semester 3:
Calculus Practice Final Exam C, Calculus Final Exam C Solutions

Math Quizzes
Coming soon

Math Cheat Sheets (lists of equations)

Trigonometric Identities (pdf)

Basic Derivatives & Integrals (MS Word)

Integral Table 1(pdf)
Integral Table 2(pdf)
Integral Table 3(pdf)
Integral Table 4(pdf)
Integral Table 5(pdf)
Integral Table 6 (MS Word)

On this webpage you can find a great deal of chemistry homework help, physics homework help, and math homework help. Such topics as algebra, trigonometry, calculus, chemistry I, chemistry II, organic chemistry, physics I, and physics II are covered. I will try to keep the chemistry tutor, math tutor, and physics tutor material up-to-date, but I can use help if you have any chemistry homework with answers to offer. Or physics homework with answers. Or math homework with answers. If you can't find the homework help you need on this webpage you can always try: Chemistry Homework Help or Physics Homework Help or Math Homework Help. You can also click on those links for a Chemistry Tutor, Math Tutor, or Physics Tutor. I hope this helps you to answer those difficult math, chemistry, & phyiscs problems and you don't need to stay up too late sweating over your homework. Okay, I guess that's enough useless text to get the serch enjins to notice. ;-) Take care.

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