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Extended Essay In Physics

Extended Essay Reports and Exemplars

Please read the reports before reading the essays. The reports contain valuable information directly from IB examiners on what was successful and what was not. Also remember that just because something was successful in an exemplar, it does not mean that this is how the essay must be written. There are many different ways to get a good mark on your extended essay and it is important that you find the approach that best suits the paper you are writing. The exemplars below are only meant to clue you in on the type of analysis examiners like rather than providing a stylistic from that you must follow.

Group 1 - English

Extended Essay Report:English

English:Exemplar 1, Exemplar 2, Exemplar 3

Group 2 - French and Spanish

Extended Essay Report: French (not available), Spanish

French:Exemplar 1, Exemplar 2, Exemplar 3

Spanish: Exemplar 1, Exemplar 2, Exemplar 3 (coming soon)

Group 3 - Geography, History, and ITGS

Extended Essay Report:Geography, History, ITGS

Geography:Exemplar 1, Exemplar 2, Exemplar 3

History:Exemplar 1, Exemplar 2, Exemplar 3

ITGS:Exemplar 1, Exemplar 2, Exemplar 3

Group 4 - Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Extended Essay Report:Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Biology:Exemplar 1, Exemplar 2, Exemplar 3

Chemistry:Exemplar 1, Exemplar 2, Exemplar 3

Physics:Exemplar 1, Exemplar 2, Exemplar 3

Group 5 - Mathematics

Extended Essay Report:Mathematics

Mathematics:Exemplar 1, Exemplar 2

Group 6 - Art and Music

Extended Essay Report:Art, Music

Art:Exemplar 1, Exemplar 2, Exemplar 3

Music:Exemplar 1, Exemplar 2

On March 26 2010 15:32 aev wrote:
micronesia: All the trials will be almost risk-free, as the guys will only be hitting tackle bags. For the theoretical approach, I really don't understand how the two equations are that different (hehehe). Can you enlighten me?

Not sure if me telling you this is 'cheating' or not but here's an explanation:

+ Show Spoiler +

According to the momentum equation p=mv, you can get more momentum (better for pushing other things in a collision) by increasing mass or velocity. If you double mass, you double momentum. If you double velocity, you double momentum. Mass and velocity contribute equally towards the momentum.

Kinetic energy however does not work this way. The formula is KE = 1/2 m v^2. If you double the mass you double the KE, but if you double v you quadruple the KE. Therefore increasing velocity has a greater affect on KE than increasing mass would.

However, a collision between two football players is probably inelastic meaning momentum is conserved during the collision but energy is not....

There's some food for thought?

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