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Ragging In Educational Institutions Essay

The Effects of Ragging

Synopsis: – Ragging is the action of scolding, teasing, criticizing or nagging a person. It is generally committed by the senior students. Ragging often takes place in hostels. There are a few senor students in every hostels  The new students were subjected to simple teasing and mock interviews. Today, it has degenerated into torture of the innocent. The new students who resist and complain to authorities are tortured the most. Ragging has some positive effects, but it should be discouraged. Effective steps need to be taken to deal with this problem.

The accurate meaning of the word ‘ragging’ is ‘to tease’, but even the dictionary says it is an archaic meaning. The main objective of ragging means of an interaction they get close and know one another. But in practice, it is nothing but a kind of torture. It is a form of an abuse on the newcomers of educational institutions in India.

Ragging is any disorderly conduct whether spoken or written or by an act which causes annoyance, hardship or psychological harm to a student. It is generally committed by senior students upon the first year students.

Ragging generally takes place in colleges and hostels. There are many tales of torture and humiliation that are associated with ragging. The new students feel that they are in for a series of practical jokes at the hands of the senior students. Once they fall into the clutches of the latter, they do not find a way to escape. There are a few senior students in every hostel who do not take enough interest in studies. They indulge in raging, bullying, etc. They create an image of themselves as rowdies. No one dares to interfere with their ways.

Ragging originated in the west. But today, it has reached the Indian society too. Young students enrolled in India’s 504 universities are plagued by ragging. At the start of every academic session, the media brings the news of suicides by new entrants, who no longer can bear the disgrace, ignominy and dishonor inflicted on them by their seniors. Ragging has caused intense fear and shattered the trust and ability of the new students to make send judgment about the people around them.

Some people feel that it is a socio cultural problem. The truth is that in some cases, ragging has occasionally ended in fighting, serious injuries, and even deaths, leading to the ruin of some brilliant carriers.

Senior students tease the new students about their looks and manners. The tall and the short, the fat and the lean, all become easy targets. Students wearing glasses, have their glasses snatched away and are made to read without them. A few of them are made to bow before the senior students and are forced to greet them with folded hands. Sometimes the eatables brought by the new students are eaten by the seniors in the formers presence. Ragging may be in the form of a mock interview of the new entrants. The senior students would take the position of interviews, while the new students become the interviewees. Sometimes they are asked indecent questions and are made to make obscene gestures.

A new student who resists becomes a target of harassment. He may be falsely accused of stealing a thing or things from a senior. He would be put on a mock trial. During the trial, he might be forced to admit his guilt. If he does not admit his guilt, he is pressurized by physical threats and humiliation.

In the beginning, ragging was an amusing practice. It has degenerated into an evil. It has become a synonym for torture’. The Supreme Court of written or by an act which adversely affects the physique or physique or psyche of a fresher or a junior student is an act of ragging. But if through ragging the decency and morals are violated or one’s body gets injured or if any wrongful restraint or criminal intimidation is involved in it, then ragging becomes a legal offence. Ragging in India commonly involves serious abuses and clear violations of human rights. The Supreme Court has taken a strong stand tocurb ragging. Ragging has been declared as a criminal offence.

India’s first and only registered anti ragging NGO, Society against Violence in Education SAVE has claimed that ragging is widely and dangerously prevalent in engineering and other academic institutions, mainly in the hostels.

For such cases, there are certain punishments in UGC’s anti ragging guidelines which include a fine up to rupees twenty five thousand, cancellation of admission, withholding of scholarship debarring from appearing for examinations, suspension or explosion from hostel and rustication  from institution for period of one or four semesters. Even the institutions where raging is prevalent could be punished. By withdrawing of afflation or other privileges and daring any degree and withholding grants.

The real pictures was revealed by reporting, CURE [Coalition of uprooting ragging from education]. Between July 2003 and June 2008, there were cases of deaths, 10 attempted suicides and 14 left college’s only 54 percent cases sought police intervention. The most affected areas are west Bengal. Utter Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh. The Supreme Court accepted its report ad directed educational institutions at very minimum to expel the guilty. It also allowed institutions to resigester police cases against accused.

Most authorities have tackled the problem with iron hands. More effective steps need taken to deal with the evil. The institutes should arrange counseling session for fresher’s so that they can speak their mind. Anti ragging cells should also be established. A fresher party should be organized by the institute itself within two weeks of the start of the academic session so that the junior and senior students can easily interact with one another.

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The Supreme Court defined ragging in following words: "Any disorderly conduct whether by words spoken or written or by all act which has the effect of teasing, treating with rudeness any other student indulging in rowdy or indiscipline activities which causes or likely to cause annoyance, hardship or psychologi­cal harm or to raise fear of apprehension thereof ill a fresher or a junior student or asking the students to do any act or perform something which such students will not do in the ordinary course and which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame or embarrassment so as to adversely affect the physique or psyche of a fresher or a junior student. "

The apex court has taken into consideration, while defining ragging all kinds of acts faced by a fresher or a junior while subjecting to ragging by the seniors. Ragging has become a menace, cause of fear and shock not only for a fresher but to his parents too who are sending the loved ones for pursuing higher education by investing a lot of hard earned money. Several intellectual youth have become the martyr of ragging, some have suffered a nervous breakdown, some left the institutes after being suffered of ragging, some have` committed suicide and some were murdered by the seniors on the pretext of ragging.

The court, the authorities, the principal and every concern, have described the ragging a heinous practice, but a very paradoxical situation is, it still persists in spite of all the rules, regulations and directives of courts, and authorities. None could claim to have stopped it 100%.

The most gruesome incidence of ragging came into light in Nov. 1986, when Navarasu a 17 year old first year medical student of Annamalai University, Chidambaramin Tamil Nadu, was brutally, murdered by a senior named 'David" who was said to be a Karate expert. He killed Navarasu because he refused to submit to his whims of ragging.

In Aug. 2003, an engineering student of Engineering College Jalpaiguri in West engalwas admitted to hospital after he was subjected to night long brutal ragging this seniors. The victim was beaten up with iron rods and cycle chains for refusing to strip before the seniors.

In Aug. 2003, itself, IIT Delhi expelled five senior students for they were found in ragging of a fresher who left the college after being ragged by these seniors. the same month a student of Pune Institute quit, just a few days after joining it in July due to the same reason of being subjected to inhumane ragging.

The governments ,Central as well as States, have taken positive steps again to stop this practice. In 1997, the HRD Minister, Mr. S.R. Bommai, apprised the Rajya Sabha that steps were being taken to ensure that those found guilty of ragging can be treated as guilty of gross misconduct and subsequently, the penalty of rustication or removal from the rolls of the universities could be imposed on the offenders. He also informed in the house that instruction have been issued to the universities, and institutions and the State Governments to take stern action to curb this menace and Ii invoke the provisions of law needed.

A few years ago, the Governor of Kerala, promulgated the "Kerala Prohibition Of Ragging Ordinance" seeking to prohibit ragging in educational institutions in State. The ordinance inter alia provides dismissal of a student from the education' institution, who found indulged in acts of ragging and that student is to be fur! debarred for taking admission in any other educational institute for five years from date of order of such dismissal.

The Supreme Court while dealing a public interest litigation in 2001 said! 'failure to prevent ragging by the management would mean an act of negligence in maintaining discipline in the institution. The Principal and other authority be liable to face action in case a student is subjected to ragging'. The Supreme Court further directed that "If an institution fails to curb ragging the U GC/ fun ' agency may consider stoppage of financial assistance to such an institution such time it implements the anti ragging norms". A University may consider disaffiliating a college or institution that fails to curb ragging the court administered a clear warning. Though the Supreme Court has also issued very strict and strict guidelines to curb the menace of ragging yet a point to ponder is why the students to such heinous practice, after all these so called seniors are also from a decent and belongs to the intellectual group of students of the nation.

Why do few resort to such socially unacceptable behavior? Why the so called seniors do not understand the problems of their own juniors and subjecting then to such intolerable inhumane acts?

A serious thought if given to the above questions, we find that our P education system is intended to create intelligentsia, but they are absolutely I the moral and ethical values. We do not teach our students, philanthropic and values. There is no place for ethics in our education, we are just teaching them materialistic values importance of money. Result has become meaningless, alone the students are to blame, for such acts? Teachers and parents are also responsible for they are unable to cultivate in a good citizen. Academic qualification alone is of no value. If education does not teach students to share the problem others to love all serve all, it would become meaningless.

It shall be important to quote the following words of a great thinker that

If money is lost, nothing is lost

If health is lost, something is lost.

If character is lost, everything is lost.

To stop the menace of ragging it is but necessary to inculcate among the students, importance of good character, importance of love and affection towards their juniors and fellow beings.


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