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Continents Homework 1st Grade

Our literature-based learning often lends itself to discovering other places and cultures, which is one of many reasons we love this method!

Learning about Italy, Japan, and China have been some of our richest homeschool moments so far.

Along with learning about other countries and their continents, we learn where those places are located on the globe.

In order to help my girls learn the 7 continents, I created a set of printable continent cards that we use in a variety of ways.

Using Continent Cards

We use Continent Cards in many different ways during our homeschool week.  Here are just a few ideas of how you might use these printable cards in your own homeschool.

→  Use as a matching game.  Print two sets of Continent Cards and play in a memory-style game.

→  Cut the name off of the continent and  match name and continent shape.  You could also play this as a memory-style game as well.

→  Have your child pair each continent with its match on the globe.

→  When reading a book with a setting in a different country, have your child choose the correct continent from the set.

→  Stack the continent cards and turn picture-side down.  Each person draws a card and names one country in the continent.

→  Use the cards as copywork.  Select 1, 2, or all 7 to practice for a few days.


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Put to Good Use!

I first created these cards to go along with our reading of Grandfather’s Journey.  I thought we would use them just for that week and then we would put them aside.

As it turns out, I’ve printed several sets since then and laminated them, as they have gotten frequent use!

My girls feel good when we’re reading a new-to-us story that mentions a continent and they can easily locate it on the globe.


More Maps and The Globe Resources

If you’re looking for specific Maps and the Globe Worksheets for reinforcement, make sure you hop over and check out my 11-page Map Worksheet Packet.  You’ll find printable pages to help your young ones master simple map skills!

Make sure you click on the image in the post to view the Sample Pages.


This set of continent cards is free for your personal use or for use in your classroom.


Click on the image below to download a set of Continent Cards

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We glued the 7 continents and 4 oceans onto a painted paper plate. The best part was singing "We've got the Whole Globe in Our Hands" by Dr. Jean. They wanted to hold their paper plates and sing and dance. The catchy tune makes learning the continents easy! There's also a cute ocean song on her Sing to Learn CD.

Continents Printable 

from The Mailbox Magazine

Click HERE to go to her website.

Click HERE for printable lyrics. The song is called The Continents.

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