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Outsiders Essay On Loyalty

The Greasers are very loyal to one another. Oppressed by their own poverty, most of them come from difficult family lives, so they stick together as a way of simulating the home life they do not have. The entire structure of a gang itself is built on loyalty to the gang, and a sense of maintaining that loyalty. Even when Ponyboy seeks to find connection with Socs (like Cherry and Randy) he keeps a firm grip on the loyalty he feels towards his brothers in the gang. The Greasers show loyalty to one another in many instances. Dally helps Johnny and Ponyboy get out of town after the murder of Bob. He also follows them into the burning church to help them, even though he disapproves of their reckless act.

Violence abounds in the world of the film, which is part of why the boys stay so loyal to one another. When a Greaser comes upon a Soc, violence is almost certain to break out. The only reason Bob doesn't start a fight with Ponyboy and the others after the drive-in movie is that the girls are there. Then later at the playground, the Socs descend on Johnny and Ponyboy, almost drowning in a nearby fountain. The only thing that seems to prevent Bob from drowning Ponyboy is the intervention of Johnny, who stabs Bob. In the world of the film, 16 year old boys must resort to violence to protect their friends. Violence is both the only option and the worst symptom of the adolescent angst that pervades the Tulsa of the film. After Johnny dies, Dally does not know how to grieve the loss, and instead resorts to a violent performance, ending in his own death at the hands of the police.

Ponyboy is an active member of the gang, and wants to participate in the rumble, but he is also distinguished from his fellow gang members by his relative gentleness. He is strong and silent where others are rough-housing and wild. He is the thoughtful member of the group, content to observe rather than join in the fight. He reassures Cherry that he would not hurt Bob, after Two-Bit hands him a broken bottle to use as a weapon. While he must assume the postures of a violent gang member, he is not a man of action. Rather, he is a writer, recording all of the events of the film in his composition book.

Along with the loyalty of the gang, the boys show one another a certain amount of protection. Evidently, none of their parents can offer them protection from the violence of their neighborhood and community. Thus, the boys need to protect one another. Darry tries to be a responsible guardian for Ponyboy in the beginning, but his protective impulses come out as abuse. Dally, on the other hand, is happy to act as a protector. He takes a great deal of responsibility for Johnny and Ponyboy after Johnny kills Bob. He tells them where to go, he comes and finds them in a few days, and he treats them like his much-loved younger brothers. However, Dally also has a complicated relationship to dependence and self-reliance, and becomes upset when Johnny ends up in the hospital. He tells Ponyboy, "You watch out for yourself, and nothing can touch you man!" Dally's main lesson for the boys is to teach them to look out for themselves; but, rather ironically, he struggles to do just that.

All of the characters in The Outsidersstruggle with a distinct fear of abandonment. Particularly, Johnny and Ponyboy are orphans; Ponyboy literally and Johnny emotionally. Ponyboy grieves the loss of his parents and the strain that their loss has put on his brothers. Johnny feels neglected by his abusive parents, who argue violently and hardly care if he comes home. Johnny's feelings of emotional neglect even drive him to consider suicide. He feels so abused by the world and his home situation that he wants to kill himself. Ponyboy has lost his parents, and fears being taken away from the care of his brothers, the only family he has.

The main distinction between the Greasers and the Socs is one of class. The Greasers are impoverished and live on the wrong side of the tracks, while the Socs live in affluent and stable households on the south side of Tulsa. The Greasers wear their hair long and greased, and sport tight jeans and ripped t-shirts, while the Socs have close-cropped hairstyles, wear khakis and collared shirts, and drive nice cars. Class tension is what creates the violence of the plot.

While the majority of the movie depicts homosocial configurations—boys spending time with other boys—the introduction of Cherry and her best friend Marcia early in the film introduces the potential of romance, and shows the gendered differences in the community. While the two gangs are divided by class distinctions, the girls find a way to bridge that gap by striking up conversation with the Greasers at the drive-in movie. Ponyboy and Cherry's relationship is not quite romantic, but her presence is almost maternal to the orphaned boy, who wants to get to know her and feels he can trust her. Dallas is clearly taken with Cherry, but does not know how to express his feelings properly. Cherry admits to an attraction for Dallas, but only hints at this to Ponyboy in a fleeting moment.

Outsiders Essay

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Outsiders Essay- Loyalty, it’s not just a word, No it is a lot more than that. Throughout the book the outsider’s loyalty is something that holds many strong and lasting friendship together. You need someone throughout your life that has your back. Someone there for you when you mostly wish for it. Loyalty is something that changes PonyBoy Through this piece and makes him see from different angles of life. Flying down the high way of the outsiders you soon feel and believe that PonyBoy doesn’t want to be in a gang. He doesn’t want that pressure or that ommitment. He is in the gang because he seeks belonging somewhere where people are loyal to him as he is back. “Here are just small groups of friends who stick together, and the warfare is between the social classes. ” PonyBoy and his gang that he is in (the greasers) formed it for security and to protect the members involved. Gang is like family they support each other. Without each other you won’t achieve much without you them. “Since Mum and Dad were killed in an auto wreck, the three of use only get to stay together only as long as we behave.

So Soda and I stay out trouble as much as we can. ” Reading this you soon find out the greasers have it really tough. They use their love to keep them alive. Would you run away with you closest friend if he did something horrible? As much PonyBoy didn’t want to run away, He had to. Even though PonyBoy didn’t do anything wrong he was loyal. Johnny didn’t do anything as well. “So Cherry Valance, the cheerleader, Bob’s girl, the Socs, was trying to help us” From this you can take out that Cherry was also trying to be supportive of the situation

PonyBoy and Johnny were both in. Cherry was loyal to everyone that was respectful to her. From what happened in Lot, she testified. Because she knew that was right. “Randy was supposed to be too cool to feel anything, but there was pain in his eyes. ” In this part of the book it is an emotional rollercoaster for everyone. PonyBoy had just saved those kids in the church and they are back in town. Randy showed loyalty when getting what happened to bob off his chest. Throughout the book it’s portrayed that Greasers have it rough and the socs ave all the brakes. But behind it all there is a bigger picture. The greaser have such a strong bond that they will do anything to help out there mate. “When you’re in a gang, you stick up for the other members. If you don’t stick up for them, stick together, make like brothers, it isn’t a gang anymore. ” When having these strong relationships with the people you see every day and trust and care for it’s almost you can take them for granted. When PonyBoy looks at his gang he sees the people that he loves and trusts and when he thinks that he lost two f his closes friends it’s almost like he lost family. “The truth of the last statement hit me. We couldn’t get along without him. ” Reading this can change my point of view on everything, that everyone needs each other in the greaser’s gang. Loyally is something that is made and achieved over a long time. it isn’t something that comes to you. PonyBoy tried very hard to show the group that he cares about them. Not only in one day. It pays off in the end because he has people there that care about him. Having someone’s back is more than a friendship it is family.

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Outsiders Essay

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