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Hum 150 Movie Critique Essay

Unformatted text preview: 1 Film Festival Project Shannon Gowey HUM/150 August 1st, 2016 Daniel Skaf 2 Film Festival Project The University of Phoenix’s HUM/150 class would like to invite everyone to take part in the Romantic Nights Film Festival. The reason for the theme is to introduce the genre Romance to students to give a little history and insight about the particular genre. The students will be able to enjoy three featured films that were chosen to represent and provide some background as to why Romance is a great genre for many to enjoy. According to "Romance" (2016), “This genre usually has a theme that explores an issue within love, including but not limited to: love at first sight, forbidden love, love triangles, and sacrificial love” (para. 1). The genre Romance has two subcategories, Romantic-Comedy and Romantic Drama. The justification for this genre focus is to allow University of Phoenix students the opportunity to explore the genre by viewing the three films chosen. There will be a history of the genre presented at the beginning of the film festival and then the featured films will play afterward. When all three films are presented, there will be an opportunity for students to discuss and ask questions about the genre and what they have learned from the movies. Three Featured Films There is going to be three featured films at the Romantic Night Film Festival, and each one gives excellent representation to the genre. The first featured film is Pretty Woman which stars Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Pretty Woman is considered part of the subcategory of Romantic Comedy because the humorous and playful scenes. One scene, in particular, was when Julia Roberts’s character goes out to a business dinner with Richard Gere’s character. During the dinner you watch her trying to figure out the fancy silverware and foods that she has no clue about. It is an amusing scene because she accidently tosses from her fork escargot at one of the waiters and he catches it. The whole movie is filled with comical scenes that show how Julia Robert’s character is adjusting to the finer ways of life and falling in love with Richard Gere’s character. 3 The second film to be featured at the festival will be a change in pace because we wanted students to experience the other subcategory Romantic Drama. The film that was chosen for this was The Notebook starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. This movie is one of the most popular romantic dramas of all time, and it is one many are familiar with. The scenes are filled with so much emotion and during the movie, you feel like you are living the love story of the character Noah and Allie. One of the most famous scenes in the film is on the dock in the pouring rain where Allie is running after Noah claiming she waited years for him, and he never wrote to her when in fact he did. This scene leads up to the award winning kiss scene between the character Allie and Noah. The Notebook takes you through a journey of the lives of Noah and Allie and the hardships they faced in their love story. It is a romantic story that touches the heart and is an unforgettable film once it is seen. The third featured film will be Titanic another Romantic Drama starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Titanic is an award winning movie with iconic scenes and suspense. There are many scenes from the film people have come to remember and love. One of the most memorable scenes from the movie is when characters Jack and Rose are at the front of the boat. Rose is holding her arms up like she is flying and Jack is behind her holding her up. It was a very romantic scene and to this day people who have seen the movie remember that scene. Even though Titanic is a longer movie, it will allow the students to get a great feel for the genre as well as learning about some real life history of the Titanic. Compare and Contrast the Films The three films that were chosen for the film festival all have great qualities to how they relate to the suggested theme of Romance. All three of the films have one thing and common, and 4 that is how each film became an instant classic for the genre. When you think of a romantic movie the first thing that comes to mind are usually these three films because they have made such a tremendous impact on the genre. Another comparison for each film is the fact one or more of the actors/actresses kick-started their career with one of these movies. Titanic started the very foundation for Leonardo DiCaprio’s career as an actor because of his fantastic performance. Julia Robert’s made an impact on the movie scene with her role in Pretty Woman and her costar Richard Gere made a comeback with his career. The Notebook was a stepping stone for both Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams because it helped set their movie careers as well. When comparing the movies again to one another the sounds and music played in each of the movies had significant similarities. Royston (2016), “The music is key in the movie as it creates mood and suspense and that is the key to creating the feel of the film” (para. 2). Titanic and Pretty Woman being the main two because they both had theme songs designed for the movies. Titanic has “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion and the film Pretty Woman has its theme with the song titled “Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison. Titanic and Pretty Woman are also recognized because the music from both movies made a huge impact as well. All three of the featured films being presented at the film festival all have great sounds and music to remember. Next, we move to the contrast part between the three films of the festival. Each movie was made in different years, so each has a different level of cinematography and editing. Since there is some time difference between the three movies, you can see diversity in time era when the movies were made. Another contrast for these three movies are the endings for the love stories because each one ended in a different way. The end of each film will give the students an opportunity to experience the genre in three different fashions. We have a happy ending with Pretty Woman, tragic ending with Titanic, and we have a little bit of both with The Notebook. Overall, each of 5 the movies being represented substantially represents the theme and have become lovable classics of the genre. Rationale for Proposal University of Phoenix students will need to examine the genre Romance because it is one genre in particular that tries to evoke strong emotions to the viewers. Romance is a genre that you see cross over into other genres to give audiences the feeling and sense of hope when it comes to love. Students will learn about the genre Romance and the importance of it in the movie industry. Another thing students will learn from the film festival are the characteristics of what makes a romantic movie. According to "Screenwriting: How to Write a Romance Film" (2016), “Pairing a romance with another genre is a great way to get wider interest and make the story very substantial” (para. 1). The knowledge they will get from learning about this genre is to recognize it in the other types of film. Many genres will use some element of Romance in their films. It is important for the students to learn about the Romance genre because it gives them a foundation and a different view into the emotions of film making. There is nothing like the hope of finding that one true love and the Romance genre gives the ups and downs of love. The students will be able to take away from this festival a new understanding of the genre and why it is so popular to this day. References Romance. (2016). Retrieved from http://thescriptlab.com/screenplay/genre/romance Royston, T. (2016). Conventions of the Romance Genre. Retrieved from https://prezi.com/8geyfojgju8c/conventions­of­the­romance­genre/ 6 Screenwriting: How to Write a Romance Film. (2016). Retrieved from http://www.steves­ digicams.com/knowledge­center/how­tos/filmmaking­tips/screenwriting­how­to­write­a­ romance­film.html#b ...
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FILM FESTIVAL PROJECT2Film Festval ProjecTWhen we think of films we think of the usual comedies or horror films, no one thinks out of the box and recognizes the LGBTQ community and films that portray their lifestyles and personalities. I am asking you as you University of Phoenix student to stand by and reflect on this topic with me. I myself am not one of this community but have friends and even family members that are and I am sure you know someone yourself that is as well. Now a days this is something that is not looked down upon like it once was. Everyone deserves to have a fair chance in this life no matter who they are or what they believe in. This is why I am choosing thistopic so you can understand and better relate to the community as they relate to us. Back in the early days when films were just beginning to be produced, having a characterbeing portrayed as gay was almost unheard of. “Though, at the time, men were not seen this wayas queer or even flamboyant, but merely acting fanciful.” ("History of Homosexuality In American Film", 2016, June 13). They were depicted as showing off their imagination or just unusual. Often times when a male was supposed to be portrayed as a gay character they just made him be extra flamboyant and humorous. It was not until the time of the Great Depression when movie goers decreased that they film industry decided they needed to do something to bring people back to the theaters. “This called for the inclusion of more controversial topics such as prostitution and violence, creating a demand for pansies and their lesbian counterparts to stimulate or shock the audience.” ("History of Homosexuality In American Film", 2016, June 13). They would portray these characters as demonic and dangerous people. Now bringing us back to modern times we know that this is not true. We are finally portraying this group for whom they really are and not hiding their identity in fear of disapproval from the audience. No

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