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Bf4 Assignments Not Progressing In Crossfit

Kimmy and Stryder Davis

Stryder Davis has dedicated his whole life to learning about fitness and sports training in an effort to gain an edge in helping others achieve their goals. He began his thirst for knowledge as a youth athlete by becoming an All-American high school wrestler. At North Idaho College and Montana State-Northern, his talent and efforts were recognized as he became a 4-time All-American and 2-time National Champion. He was presented the prestigious “Outstanding Wrestler” award at the 2005 National Championships. After his college career, he went on to coach at Oregon State University as an assistant for two seasons while simultaneously competing in international freestyle wrestling competitions. Salem was pulling at his heart strings and he decided to come home and coach at Sprague High School for one season.

Coaching, however, gave him the itch to start competing again…but this time as an MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter. He spent two years training in mixed martial arts, fought as an amateur and then achieved a record of 5-2 as a professional. But the fighter lifestyle wasn’t suitable for a family man; Stryder has been happily married to Kimmy Davis (Owner/Trainer at Grit Fitness) for 13 years. They have 5 children together; four girls and one boy. Stryder and Kimmy share a passion for fitness and helping others, they often work together to assist clients to achieve their goals.

After working at a few different facilities as NASM certified personal trainers, Stryder and Kimmy decided to break out on their own and Grit Fitness was born!

Stryder has been coaching college/high school wrestling and training people for the past decade and is presently the head coach at Silverton High School. In addition to his extensive wrestling and personal training experience, Stryder is also a Performance Enhancement Specialist, a Golf Fitness Specialist, and a Crossfit Level 1 certified trainer. At Grit Fitness, the dynamic duo will be designing all of the workouts for the classes and working with personal training clients. They are very excited to introduce Salem to Grit Fitness and to really make a difference in the fitness community.

Kimberly Davis is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Women’s Weight Loss Specialist, Certified Silver Sneakers instructor and a Level 1 Crossfit Trainer. She has experience training people of all ages and ability levels. She trained at Snap Fitness for 3 years and then moved to training her clients out of Seventh Circle Fitness for 2 years. She firmly believes that it doesn’t matter where you begin your journey in fitness, but it is the road that takes you where you want to go that is the most important. She loves to motivate, encourage, and challenge her clients by consistently varying workouts and thinking outside of the box.

Kimmy’s passion for fitness and health began at an early age. Her competitive nature propelled her into competing in several sports growing up including softball, basketball, track and soccer. She found her earliest passion in life to be soccer. As a youth athlete, Kimmy competed on competitive teams based out of Woodburn and Salem. She attended Sprague High School where she played varsity all 4 years. She was a 3-time, First Team All-League player, and was selected 3 times as a Statesman Journal All-Region player. She went on to play for the Idaho State University Bengals.

After Stryder and Kimmy’s 5th child was born, her fervor for fitness was reignited. With Stryder’s guidance and encouragement and her will-power, Kimmy worked harder than she ever had and fought to get into the best shape of her life. She seeks to use her own experience and passion to help other people achieve their own personal best.



Shannon Harvey

We are pleased to announce the newest addition to the Grit Fitness Training Team, Shannon Harvey!  Among her many talents and interests, Shannon is an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer and enjoys helping out Kimberly & Stryder by leading group classes when needed.  She also assists with childcare, event coordination, and other administrative tasks at Grit Fitness Training.

No progress!!!

I hope this is on the right forum didn't know whether to put it on Fitness or Exercises. Anyway, here I go...I started Crossfit a little over a year ago, and lost about 15 pounds (from 160 to 145) in a month and a half and in about 7 months I gained it all back and feel better now than I have in years. Problem is, I haven't had really any gains at all since then.

I am not as hardcore as most on here probably but my times seem to be where a lot of peoples are on this forum. I have come close to throwing up many a time but never have cuz I stop myself. If I start a workout and am way to sore to finish, I let my body rest that day and continue with the next WOD and try to skip a rest day if at all possible. I cannot do 1 freakin muscle up, my overhead squats suck, my flexibility is still terrible and it hasn't gotten better in about a year, I can't hardly ever do the actual weight that is on the WOD's, I hate using a wall for handstand pushups, my pullup number has been the same for about 7 months now. What's my deal? Am I at this big of a plateau? I have been following this program because plateaus should be nonexistent do to muscle confusion correct? What should I do?

I might need to add that I work out without a partner in a gym where people do 1 to 8 reps and stare at themselves in a mirror for 2 minutes and talk to people for another 5, so sometimes it is tough for me to go at the best pace, though it's not too often anymore cuz I have figured out when good times to go are.

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