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Essays On Social Science Topics

Essay Writing in the Social Sciences

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Social sciences study the human aspects of the world, and writing in the social sciences is often about assessing your knowledge. The fields that fall under this type of science include, but are not limited to, the following disciplines:

Anthropology, Communication, Criminology, Cultural Studies, Economics, History, Human Geography, Law, Linguistics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Social Psychology, Sociology, Social Work

Literature reviews, research papers and experimental reports are the most common types of assignments you encounter when writing in the social sciences. In addition, writing in this field requires meeting certain writing goals:

  • Identifying order in some aspect of social life
  • Finding patterns or relationships
  • Testing theoretical concepts and refining them when necessary
  • Using research to make predictions
  • Recognizing when something has cultural or historical significance
  • Exploring diversity to draw conclusions
  • Formulating new theories based on your research

The main thing that these writing goals accomplish is to add knowledge to a particular issue through the examination of the human components of behavior.

Expectations when writing in the social sciences

To meet the goals of writing in the social sciences, you must follow certain expectations regarding how you go about writing your essay, especially while preparing to write.

  • Read about your topic thoroughly while thinking about what information you need
  • Read as much background information as you can, selecting sources and noting important ideas and concepts
  • Keep the organization of your ideas framed around the scientific context
  • Create an outline before you write while focusing on staying concise and specific
  • Write under the APA style unless instructed to follow a different style
  • Avoid using bullet points; instead, use section headings
  • Write in an academic, or formal, fashion by avoiding flowery or vague syntax and slang
  • Define terms when necessary or when the scientific context changes the general meaning
  • Write as objectively as possible, especially for highly subjective topics

Structure of essays and reports for the social sciences

When writing in the social sciences, the structure of your essay should contain certain aspects while adhering to guidelines for each of those aspects. Your essay should have an introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion and list of resources unless you are instructed to follow a specific format that differs from this construction.

The introduction of your essay when writing in the social sciences accomplishes several things.

  • It states your topic.
  • It gives the purpose, scope and objectives of your essay.
  • It defines the context of your essay in scientific terms.
  • It includes the thesis of your essay.

The body paragraphs of your essay when writing in the social sciences are best broken into clear, well-defined sections with headings. In addition, the body paragraphs should follow these guidelines:

  • They should prove each point you make with facts and analysis.
  • They should not include unsupported facts or data analysis; in other words, cite your sources!
  • They should each have a mini-conclusion that shows the importance of the information you presented.

The conclusion of your essay when writing in the social sciences consists of wrapping up your position, argument or review of research. To do this, it must follow several guidelines:

  • It must restate your thesis, mini-conclusions and any justifications/basis for those conclusions.
  • It should address implications for further research or how the topic fits into a wider scientific context.
  • It should answer the “so what?” question to bring the essay full circle.

Finally, including a list of references is a must when writing in the social sciences. Through citing information you incorporate with direct and indirect quotations, regardless of whether you use paraphrasing or summarizing, you give the proper credit to original sources. The format of the list of references is dictated by the style under which you are required to write, which is usually the APA formatting for a Reference List.

One of the most important things to remember when writing in the social sciences is to maintain your objectively. By nature, fields in the social sciences are more subjective. However, staying objective is critical to the effectiveness of your essay. You can be passionate while staying objective, so use care in sticking with this principle.

Whatever topic about which or specific discipline in which you are writing in the applied sciences, always work through the writing process by conducting research, evaluating sources, citing information, preparing an outline and writing a rough draft before you finalize your essay with an evaluation, proofreading and editing review.

Social science topics for essays: write on current issues

Social Sciences may seem a bit unreliable to practitioners of the natural sciences but every field has had paradigm shifts where new knowledge replaces old beliefs. As current situations unfold, there's much to be studied and incorporated into the body of knowledge in the various social science fields. Here are some essay topics that deal with this.

Political Science: How intervention in Middle East Politics led to the Creation of ISIS

This is a very controversial topic. Many people may even argue that it is unfair to say so because the current situation might have occurred for other reasons anyway. Regardless, there is a wealth of information that can help support points that this essay requires.

Sociology: The societal impact of Gaming Culture on Learning

Gaming makes learning easier by activating some of the same triggers in your brain as chocolate, lovemaking or drugs. This makes it easier to absorb large amounts of information fairly quickly. How will the ease of learning affect society particularly when one considers that vulnerable communities continue to be left out of these advances and therefore fall even further behind relatively.

Gender Studies: The New Masculinities Worldwide

How many different versions of masculinity can you observe and describe and what makes them different from the old, singular vision of masculinity?

Psychology: How Internet connectivity is Changing the way we Think

Human beings evolved in circumstances where they were surrounded by others at all times and needed to move about almost continuously to meet their caloric needs. Now, the developed world has access to computer technology and smart phones that enable purchases and work from a distance. People no longer need to see each other to interact. How does this affect our minds?

Management: How to Motivate a Workforce that you never see face-to-face

Where managers operate in office and are in charge of staff they have never met, motivation can be a challenging. The trick here is to recognise that staff who work remotely need to be self motivated. If they decide to work less than they are supposed to, it is near impossible to stop them from afar.

Human Resources: Finding the right people in a sea of resume hype

The internet is teeming with resources to help potential staffers seem better than they truly are. How do you cut through the exaggerations, the false experience and or qualifications and find the best fit for your company?

Any of the above can be the start of a well written social science essay.

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