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Picnic With Friends Essay Title

A MEMORABLE PICNIC AT THE LAKE Playing outside was always one of my favorite activities since I was a little girl. In the spring of 1999, my parents took my brother and me for a picnic at Dam Sen Park as a reward for our good results in school. As always, my dad would let me bring some friends. That time, without hesitation, I chose Yen. She was not only my cousin, but definitely my best friend. We grew up together; therefore, we had a special bond that always connected us. Since my family moved to Ho Chi Minh city 4 months earlier, we did not have a chance to play as often, so this was a perfect chance for us to have fun. The park, which was located in the center of Ho Chi Minh city, had a wonderful lake with the picturesque view. I had not realized that a picnic would become a remarkable memory for me. That was the last time Yen and I spent the beautiful moments together because she suddenly passed away few months later by a car accident. As I can remember, it was a beautiful Sunday in the spring. The weather was pretty cold in the morning, but it turned warm and sunny in the afternoon. Although the lake was too cold for swimming in April, it was still a wonderful weather for a picnic. It was very relaxing when we looked out over the lake with large fish jumping through the water. The sounds of the

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